Membership Information

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science Ltd. (ANZSRS) is an international body with branches in Australia and New Zealand.


Our purposes include:

  • Provision of opportunities for continuing professional development for those working in respiratory physiology
  • Promotion of quality, standardised respiratory physiology practices throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Promotion of research and development in respiratory physiology
  • Collaboration with other professional societies to develop, enhance and promote knowledge and best practice in respiratory physiology. 

To Achieve our purposes, ANZSRS provides the following:

  • Regional meetings through the year
  • Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)
  • Certification as a Respiratory Function Scientist by examination
  •  Recognition for basic and applied research
  • Annual Research Grant
  • Education Grants
  • Travel Grants to ASM
  • Position Statements
  • Educational resources
  • ANZSRS Fellowship Award to recognise leaders in respiratory research
  • Collaboration with TSANZ in the accreditation process for Respiratory Function Laboratories


Membership Fees

Fees are due on approval of membership and then in January of every year, and are payable in Australian dollars. Full fee paying (no discounts), financial TSANZ members are eligible for a 25% reduction on ANZSRS fees. ANZSRS has adopted a fee structure for overseas members offering discounts based on World Bank categorisation of average annual income. The Secretariat may be contacted directly for assistance in this area. 

Membership Fees Schedule

Membership Category %Base Rate Membership for 2024
100% base rate
$160 + GST
80% base rate
$128 + GST
No fees
No fees
25% base rate
$40 + GST
200% base rate
$320 + GST
New Member application fee
$45 + GST

NB: GST applies only to the membership fees of members working and/or residing in Australia.