History of ANZSRS

The Society originated in the late 1970s, uniting separate groups from Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney into a national body. Originally called The National Respiratory Technical Group, it officially became The Australasian Society of Respiratory Technology in 1981. The first scientific meeting occurred in 1980, marking key developments such as a name change, the establishment of the first constitution, and the election of the inaugural Executive and Board.

The Society’s objectives, outlined in its first constitution, remain unchanged, focusing on scientific communication, advancing respiratory technology knowledge, promoting excellence in respiratory
measurement, encouraging education, and fostering dialogue with related professional societies. Early connections with The Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand were prioritised, and to this day, hold a collegial relationship.

1989 Scientific Meeting attendees

Annual Scientific Meetings have been held since inception, expanding across Australian states and New Zealand. In 1982, the Society was incorporated in South Australia, and its official journal, Volume, was established. In the late 1980s, the Society emphasised proficiency, requiring tertiary qualifications for ordinary membership and introducing the Certified Respiratory Function Scientist credential in 1994.

In 1991, the expertise, qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the general membership was evident, and to reflect the evolving nature of its members, the Society underwent a change of name to become The Australian & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science. The Society actively contributed to the development of respiratory science courses at Charles Sturt University, expanding from a post-graduate certificate to diploma, degree, and master’s levels.

Despite advancements in respiratory science, the ANZSRS remains committed to its founding objectives, adapting to evolving requirements in the field.