About Us

Office Bearers

Trade Liaison Officer

The role of the Trade Liaison Officer is to assist the Board in maintaining good corporate governance via a sound knowledge of the financial dealings and sponsorship that is being offered to the society, and making sure that these financial dealings and sponsorship uphold the Medical Technology Industry Code of Practice.

CRFS Coordinators

The CRFS Co-ordinator is responsible for the administration and ongoing development of the CRFS examination, with administrative support from the ANZSRS secretariat. A further key element of the role is to ensure that the integrity of the exam paper and examination process is maintained at all times.

Mentor Program Coordinators

The Mentor Program Coordinator role is to facilitate the assigning/pairing of mentor and mentees as part of the Mentor Program and to establish and maintain a register of mentors across a variety of areas of work.


The role of the webmasters is to maintain the content on the website to keep it up to date and relevant for the membership. They can assist with member queries and other website related requests.